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Ceramic Glass Coating

Glass Water Repellent Coatings

BOND-NC-01 (RTU) NANO COAT is formulated for EASY CLEANING SURFACE PROTECTION FOR CERAMICS AND GLASS AND WATER REPPALLENT & weatherproofing, It forms invisible Nano coatings on the surface and give resistance to water, pollutions, Dust, UV protection, Anti bacterial, Anti corrosive, and protect from acids, alkalis, saline weather, water based chemicals, mould, algee and fungus growth. It can be used for exterior and interior use also. The treatment is stable and cannot be removed except by harsh cleaners or reagents, such as abrasive cleaners. The treatment provides a hydrophobic surface that allows simple rinsing away of soils and sludge from the surface with no residual surface staining. The treated surface does not change surface, is highly repellent to oils and water and durable to alkaline cleaners and detergents.
Price: 1850 INR/Liter

Anti Corrosive Treatment Services

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
Price: 248 INR/Liter

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